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Power up!

[Waves a paw] Hey. I'm fairly new at making icons, and mine are mostly adding text to stuff and minorly tweaking pictures. Most of mine are Power Rangers-related, especially of the current series, Power Rangers SPD. (Though other stuff frequently sneaks in.)

Some of my "masterpieces:" :p

Individual Rangers, in and out of costume, including their boss, who just became the Shadow Ranger a couple episodes back:

Jack Landors Schuyler 'Sky' Tate 'Bridge' Carson Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado Sydney 'Syd' Drew

1! SPD Red! 2! SPD Blue! 3! SPD Green! 4! SPD Yellow! 5! SPD Pink!

Anubis 'Doggie' Cruger

Shadow Ranger!

...and the supporting cast.

Dr. Kat Manx Boom Robotic Interactive Canine (RIC)

Planning on doing the villains later.

SPD, not part of the collection:

Animation for dr_manx community Bridge in his headstand thinking pose Inspired by one of madkrazyghetto’s quips.

Other PR series:

Maya from PR: Lost Galaxy. Don’t the suits look Charlie Brown-ish? Billy, the original Blue Ranger, facing a clone. Samurai Ranger with Cyclone Morpher PR: Wild Force villain Jindrax infiltrates a carnival Dustin from PR: Ninja Storm gets a little too much sun


Impmon from Digimon S3 chillin’ Yes, Neemon from Digimon S4 did actually say that.

Ones I wanna show off but don’t want anyone using 'cause they're made for someone in particular: (okay, me in two cases)

Just ‘cause I think albinos are pretty. No idea who she is. Ditto. Have another of these two but can’t find it. raynbowartist and service dog/best friend Jonas Myotismon, Digimon S1

Made for balambspride My usual PR fandom icon

That's not every icon I've ever made, but it's most of 'em. (I’m always working on one or two, so I’m never ready to say “Okay, this is the whole collection.”)

Sorry, got carried away. My original purpose in posting was to ask this: with this one:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

shall I move the word ‘rung’ closer to ‘seriously?’

And with this one:

Dustin from PRNS hanging out

Is the writing easy to read?
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