Kay (lil_button) wrote in tenthousanddots,

New Alias icons are now up in my journal, as well as some David Anders icons and two from his appearance on CSI.

Usual rules apply (comment; credit; don't direct link; don't customize blanks without my permission).

(More here)
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hey i love your icons! they are great!

i am just curious...how would i go about getting a custom made animated icon? i have all the pics and they are all 100x100, but i just want them to flash and change from one to next. i dont know anyone that can help
Thanks! :D

You'll need an animation program--something like Animation Shop 3 (Jasc should have a free trial up) or Photoshop's Image Ready (Adobe should, too). I'd recommend Animation Shop 3, since you're a beginner and the interface is easier to understand. The trick is to paste each picture into a new frame and set the delay times between each icon (Animation -- Frame Properties) to around 10 to 30 seconds.

I'd offer to do it for you myself, but I find that these things are best learned by oneself in case of future necessity. :)